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Rev. Jennifer Butler on NBC News

"For our women, including pro-life and pro-choice religious women, they are concerned about the Affordable Care Act," said Jennifer Butler, the executive director of Faith in Public Life, which advocates for a coalition of progressive religious voters.

Rev. Jennifer Butler on BBC Newshour

Listen to Rev. Jennifer Butler on BBC Newshour on September 25th about President Trump’s Supreme Court nomination to fill Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s seat.

Rev. Jennifer Butler Op-Ed in Red Letter Christians

We’re just 8 Sundays away from the 2020 election. Between now and then, a moral reckoning among women of faith will determine the future of this nation and, I dare say, the planet. I believe we can rise to the moment by bringing to the fore our shared values of family, dignity, and justice.

Q&A: Preaching Harm Reduction

Rev. Jennifer Butler on NBC News Providing people who use drugs with life-saving medication is an act of unconditional love, according to Blyth Barnow, a… Read More

Rev. Jennifer Butler in The 19th

We have missed an opportunity over the last 100 years to forge an alliance with all women to eradicate misogyny and end the white supremacy that we created from the get-go of this nation,” [Rev. Jennifer Butler] said. “We have to reverse all that. Until we do, all women will suffer.
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