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About Faith in Public Life

Faith in Public Life advances the moral imperative for a just, inclusive and equitable country so everyone is able to live into their full humanity. 

Our coalition of influential faith leaders – who reflect the diversity of the nation – collectively discern, set faith-forward strategy and take transformative action. By building cultures of belonging and leveraging the collective power of our multifaith and multiracial coalition, our strategy hub leads us closer to realizing a healthy and equitable democracy.  

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We envision a country in which an experience of spiritual connection binds all people with one another and in which a sense of belonging in community gives every individual the confidence that their human rights are held sacred, making it possible for all to thrive.


Faith in Public Life’s mission is to advance the moral imperative for a just, inclusive and equitable country that allows each of us to live into our full humanity. We do this by building power and cultures of belonging among diverse influential faith leaders and resourcing them to expand the narrative on the vision for our democracy.


Faith in Public Life Action Fund

Our sister organization, Faith in Public Life Action Fund, is a 501(c)4 organization that leverages the power of multifaith, multiracial grasstops leaders to advocate for policies that protect and advance our sacred human rights.

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