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Florida Clergy United for Anti-discrimation Laws

To my deep disappointment and frustration, certain faith communities are leading the charge in spreading disinformation and fomenting resistance to vaccination — whether that’s because of misinformation, mistrust, or something else entirely. But as a pastor and as someone who wants to see our country defeat this deadly disease, I believe there’s a religious case for getting vaccinated. 

It goes back to that simplest of advice: Love thy neighbor.

Read Rev. R.L. Gundy’s full op-ed in Florida Today

Florida should Strengthen Working Families


Joey McKinnon,
Florida Director

Joey McKinnon serves as the Florida Director for Faith in Public Life. With several years of advocacy and campaign experience, Joey led efforts to mobilize 200 diverse faith leaders to pass the Jacksonville Human Rights Ordinance and protect citizens from discrimination.

Od’Juan Whitefield,
Democracy Reform Organizer

Od’Juan Whitfield is the Democracy Reform Organizer in Jacksonville, Florida. After leaving his home in Indianapolis, he served in the United States Army, stationed at Hunter Army Airfield, Savannah, GA, and served in Iraq and Kuwait following 9/11/2001. After the military, Od’Juan worked in various social services and political organizing roles in Jacksonville. He is politically active, working on campaigns for Faith in Public Life’s Faithful Voter program, serving as a regional organizer for the NAACP and working on several political campaigns.


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