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Our Work in Georgia

A Movement for Justice

Georgia is full of passionate people of faith who believe that religion calls us to make the world better.

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Our Focus

Economic Justice

FPL Georgia works with partners like the Georgia Budget and Policy Institute to make sure our state’s economy is inclusive of all Georgians. We work with our representatives to pursue a Georgia where everyone has the ability to live and prosper.


Freedom of religion is one of our most fundamental rights as Americans. That’s why it’s protected in the Constitution. But religious freedom doesn’t give any of us a right to harm others. Georgia is one of only two states without any form of statewide nondiscrimination law. It’s time to work together to change that instead of endlessly debating politically toxic broad religious exemptions.


Graham Younger,
Georgia Director

Graham is the Georgia Director for Faith in Public Life. The son of two seminary graduates, he grew up in Baptist churches in Indiana, Kansas and Texas. He graduated from Davidson College and the University of Georgia School of Law. Graham worked on a campaign against predatory lending, focusing on faith leaders throughout the Southeast, before beginning work as the Georgia Statewide Coordinator. He is excited to help faith leaders become moral voices that transcend party lines. Graham enjoys playing basketball and watching Georgia football, but his true competitive highlight came in his freshman team’s stunning victory in its college quiz bowl tournament.

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