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Our Work in Georgia

Faith in Public Life Georgia works to amplify faith voices on issues of public policy. We believe being active in the public sphere is an opportunity to reflect on our deepest values and commitment to the common good. ​

Min. Shavonne Williams,
Georgia Organizing Ambassador

Minister Shavonne D. Williams serves as the Georgia Organizing Ambassador for Faith in Public Life. She is a native of Blythe, GA in the Augusta-Richmond County area where she was raised and educated prior to going to college to pursue a degree as a Physician’s Assistant. Her work as a PA within the prison system along with her work in the homeless program, mental health program and the community re-entry program of incarcerated veterans for the VA Medical Center prepared her for the advocacy work she holds dear today. Shavonne founded Women of Wonder Outreach Ministry in 2012. Through WOW, she assists those experiencing or at risk for homelessness, teaches job readiness and parenting skills, tutors local youths and holds community conferences and luncheons. She is a member of the Baptist Ministry Conference of Augusta and the NAACP.


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