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Georgia Faith Leaders Rally Around State to “Pray with Our Feet” Ahead of Election Day


Monday, November 7, 2022


Austin Schuler, aschuler@faithinpubliclife.org, 540-280-3393

Georgia Faith Leaders Rally Around State to “Pray with Our Feet” Ahead of Election Day

Atlanta, GA – On Monday, November 7, dozens of faith leaders and clergy across Georgia convened for “Praying With Our Feet” –  a rally to pray for the safety of voters, poll workers and those responsible for certifying the election results. Faith leaders demanded the Secretary of State and other election officials protect voters and poll workers from violence and frivolous voter challenges, and fairly certify the election results determined by the voters. Rallies were held in Augusta, Albany, Waycross, Macon, Evans, Louisville and Atlanta.

For video and pictures of the event in Atlanta, click here.

For video and pictures of the event in Albany, click here.

For video and pictures of the event in Augusta, click here.

For pictures of the event in Louisville, click here.

Rev. Samuel L. White III, Greater Liberty Hill Baptist Church – Atlanta

“They have an obligation to make sure that nobody is subjected to violence because of their participation in this democracy. That’s why I’m here, and I’m calling on the secretary of state and everyone else who plays a role to make sure that voters, that poll workers, that election officials are safe, that they feel safe as they carry out their functions and as they participate in this democracy. We are going to continue to fight for that if we have to keep showing up here every election and lending our voices, even beyond tomorrow, to make sure that if the system is not working for the people of Georgia, we’re going to do something to help ensure that it does.”

Min. Shavonne Williams, Georgia Organizing Ambassador, Faith in Public Life – Augusta

“We’re asking right now, spirit of the living God fall fresh on us today. We thank you for your word. We’re asking right now that you touch the hearts of our election officials, our local board of elections, our state board of elections, our secretary of state, our poll workers to do what is right, to count every ballot, to certify the votes, to reflect the will of your people.”

Rev. Dr. Donny Green, Bible Way Missionary Baptist Church – Albany

“We are here to pray for our state of Georgia as well as every county. We are praying for our elections and that they be safe, fair and that they be equal to all.” 

Rev. Kalie Hargrove, First Christian Church of Decatur – Decatur

“We have had violence promised during this election. We have poll workers standing up in our churches asking for prayer because they are afraid for their own safety when they go to work tomorrow. We are here as clergy, as people representing our congregations, standing with them and saying that our voices are not going to be ignored. Every voice in Georgia needs to be heard. So we’re calling on our officials, our elected leaders, who have promised to do their jobs to fulfill that promise.”

Anton Flores-Maisonet, The Atlanta Friends Meeting – Decatur

“We want to ensure that what we have access to is, as Quakers say, that we recognize that there is that of God in everyone. And thereby, if there is that of God in everyone, then we have access to equality and equity, and that must include the voting booth. I’ve heard people say that they hope there will be no violence tomorrow, but we know that there is already violence. The structural violence of the erosion of access to the ballot, of voter suppression, of purging ballots, of doing away with early voting or drop boxes, of making it especially hard for people in rural Georgia to register and to vote, to require more stringent forms of ID. The violence is already happening. So when we pray with our feet, that may mean that we have to get in the way. That may mean that we have to unflinchingly stand on the side of love and justice and truth, and recognize that of God in everyone.”

Faith in Public Life is a national movement of clergy and faith leaders united in the prophetic pursuit of justice, equality and the common good. Together, with a network of over 50,000 leaders, they are leading the fight to advance just policies at the state and federal level that affirm our values and the human dignity of all.

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