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Georgia Faith Leaders Applaud Judge Overturning Georgia’s Six-Week Abortion Ban


Wednesday, November 16, 2022


Austin Schuler, aschuler@faithinpubliclife.org | 540-280-3393

Georgia Faith Leaders Applaud Judge Overturning Georgia’s Six-Week Abortion Ban

Atlanta, GA – A Fulton County judge has overturned Georgia’s ban on abortion starting around six weeks into a pregnancy, ruling in favor of SisterSong Women Of Color Reproductive Justice Collective v. State of Georgia on Tuesday that it violated the U.S. Constitution and U.S. Supreme Court precedent when it was enacted and was therefore void. This ruling took effect immediately statewide. The ban had been in effect since July. 

Below are statements from faith leaders in Georgia applauding the judge’s ruling as a win for all Georgians and people of faith. 

State Senator Rev. Kim Jackson 

(District 41)

“The previous six-week abortion ban stripped away a woman’s right to choose and posed an enormous health risk to all pregnant Georgians, especially the most marginalized. I’m applauding this ruling as a victory for our state and for people of faith who believe all of us deserve to live with dignity and thrive in healthy and sustainable communities here in Georgia. We must keep working and praying for policies that allow for everyone to have access to the healthcare they need.”

Rev. James Woodall, Public Policy Associate, Southern Center for Human Rights and Former President, Georgia NAACP 

“We knew that Georgia’s constitution protected our right to privacy, and it’s a welcomed sign to know that Judge McBurney’s order found that protection to be fundamental in ruling against the abortion ban.”

Sabreen Mohammed, Health Education and Research Manager, HEART

Over half of Muslims in this country support access to safe and legal abortion, based on the core tenets of sacred bodily autonomy, compassion, and dignity we believe to be the foundation of our faith tradition. As a result, many of us continue to advocate for reproductive justice and self-determination for all, particularly the most marginalized among us. This decision to overturn the six-week ban is critical, especially given that our state has significant Muslim communities and – given that Muslims are disproportionately targeted by policing and surveillance – our rights to privacy and religious freedom are under constant attack. HEART welcomes this decision and will continue to advocate for reproductive justice for Muslims and all Georgians.”

The Rev. Father Guillermo A. Arboleda, Rector, St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church

“Due to failures in reproductive healthcare access, Georgia remains one of the deadliest states to carry and deliver a child in the USA. This court decision will help save the lives of many pregnant people and restore their freedom to make sound medical choices. As a pastor, I believe that decisions about pregnancies are deeply personal, complicated, and varied, and that government bans hurt more than they help.”

Rev. Robert V. Thompson, Board Chair, Compassionate Atlanta and Chair Emeritus, Parliament of the World’s Religions

“Reproductive freedom is a human right. Indeed, we must all come together and ensure that all people have the economic, social, and political power and resources to make informed decisions about their bodies, sexuality and reproductive rights. Having served as an American Baptist minister for 40 years, I support not only ‘soul liberty’ but also the larger community coming together  to protect the basic human right of sexual and reproductive freedom.”

Rev. Rosie Washington, Leadership Development Director, Faith in Public Life

“I am encouraged to hear the news that in these uncertain times, there are still public servants like Judge Robert McBurney willing to place the needs and rights of their constituents first and foremost. I pray that this decision will become a shining example for other servants in positions of power across this country to do all they can to champion the right to bodily autonomy and the freedom to make the best decisions for oneself. My faith compels me to believe that the tide is turning and people will begin to see the hand of God in the decisions that directly impact the most vulnerable populations across this nation!”


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