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In Florida, these Black women see the fight for abortion access as part of a greater struggle for their safety

Od’Juan Whitfield, Faith in Public Life’s Florida Associate Manager, is quoted discussing coalition building in Florida led by groups like Black in Repro and their partnership with Faith in Public Life.

Black in Repro has also sought to work alongside other groups. Od’Juan Whitfield, Sr., the democracy reform organizer in Jacksonville for Faith in Public Life, an organization that seeks to change the narrative about the role of faith in politics, told The 19th that Faith in Public Life began to partner with Black in Repro after an invitation from Williams. 

Mentioning women like Toni M. Bond Leonard, the Rev. Alma CrawfordEvelyn S. Field and others, Whitfield notes that more people should be paying attention to the critical role that Black women have historically played in the reproductive justice movement. Whitfield participated in the convening in Tallahassee earlier this year and looks forward to future collaborations with Black in Repro. 

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