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How a Year Without Roe Shifted American Views on Abortion

Mollie Wilson O’Reilly, who participated in Faith in Public Life’s Catholic Women Panel Discussion, was featured in the New York Times as well as Faith in Public Life’s Open Letter signed by more than 30 prominent Catholic women scholars, theologians and advocates.

She wrote about her experience and joined other Catholic women, largely writers and professors, in publicizing an open letter to the Catholic church, declaring that “pro-life” policies centered on opposition to abortion “often hurt women.”

They called on the church and elected officials to embrace “reproductive justice” that would include better health care and wages for pregnant women and mothers.

Ms. Wilson O’Reilly now believes decisions on abortion should be up to women and their doctors, not governments. It’s impossible to draw a “bright line” around what exceptions to the bans should be allowed, she said.

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