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Faithful Voter

Bring Voting to Worship

Integrating voting information on how to register to vote and make a voter plan for your congregation within the worship service encourages more voter participation, and ensures that we have leadership founded in dignity, peace, faith, and respect of all people.

Get Out the Vote

Get out the Vote in Your Faith Community! It’s time to get your community engaged and ready to vote!

Faithful Voter Talking Points

These talking points are a guide for addressing your congregation or community in a presentation, speech, or sermon in order to create dialogue and bring awareness to each person’s vital role in the presidential election.

Georgia Faithful Voter

Voting is not just about choosing a governor, voting is about making our nation better for future generations. When we vote, we elect officials who will impact your daily lives as mayors, city council members, state lawmakers, and more. These individuals should represent our values, not oppose them. We should let faith and justice be our guide during this election cycle. Vote because your voice matters! Vote because your choices will make a difference! Vote because you are a FAITHFUL VOTER!

Faithful Voter on Election Day

Voting is an act of faith and love of neighbor

National Voter Registration Day

Sign up now If you want to be the first to know about upcoming trainings, events and webinars around our democracy work, we have your… Read More

Faithful Voter Toolkit

The Faithful Voter Toolkit has everything you need to empower and equip your community to vote!

Voter Registration and Ballot Info

In order to participate in the 2020 Presidential election we must encourage our communities to register to vote and cast their ballots.

Faithful Voter Dates

Some helpful dates for the 2020 election!
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