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Talking points

We invite you to use these talking points as a guide while you address your congregation or community in a presentation, speech, or sermon in order to create dialogue and bring awareness to each person’s vital role in the presidential election.

The Impact and Our Reach | The 2022 Election is an issue that impacts all of us. Voting is the very foundation of representative democracy. By ensuring people a voice in their government, the right to vote promotes human flourishing and provides an essential safeguard against tyranny. As people of faith we have the unique opportunity to help people understand the importance of voting in the 2022 election, both for their families and community.

What’s at stake | While every election is important, 2022 is a defining crossroads on our nation’s moral journey. As voters of faith, we must vote our values and help others vote safely amid the COVID-19 pandemic. We face a clear choice between dignity and cruelty, healing and exploitation, right and wrong. Bigotry is on the ballot, our nation is hurting, and democracy hangs in the balance.

Inaction Enables Bigotry | Our vote is our say in whether dignity or bigotry will be the guiding principle of this nation. As we work to contain COVID, rebuild the economy and reckon with racism, people of faith must vote our values of community and dignity, equality and love of neighbor. People’s lives are at stake, and the choice is clear. We have to vote, and work to help others vote safely. Inaction only enables bigotry.

Protecting our Democracy | Our vote is a sacred right. It is our direct say in how we are governed. We all deserve a say in the decisions that affect us. That’s the foundation of democracy. It’s a matter of dignity and justice.

Protecting our Health | No one should have to risk their health to cast their vote. This is a moral issue. But COVID-19 and the long-standing problem of inadequate access to polling places — which deliberately targets Black and Brown communities — threaten the right to vote safely. We must make it easier and safer to vote by protecting everyone’s access to easy early voting, vote-by-mail, and convenient polling places that aren’t overcrowded and understaffed. Voter suppression is wrong and racist, and we cannot accept it.

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