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Get Out the Vote

Get out the Vote in Your Faith Community! It’s time to get your community engaged and ready to vote! There are many ways you can spread information about the 2022 election. The election is just around the corner, so it’s very important to start planning as early as possible. Below are some examples of how you can spread the word.

1. Pledge to be a Faithful Voter Show your commitment to voting by taking the pledge. Then recruit 5 friends to take the pledge and recruit 5 of their friends!

2. Host a Faithful Voter Service Integrate voting into worship through preaching about dignity and justice, the importance of making our voices heard, and what’s at stake for your community.

3. Join Trainings and Webinars Learn the best techniques and latest voting resources by joining trainings and webinars. Invite community members to join too. Share what you learn by hosting your own training.

4. Make a Voter Plan The best way to be prepared to vote is by making a plan. Encourage everyone to plan ahead and know how, when, and where they will vote.

5. Create a Community Relational Voting Plan Reach more people through a relational voting plan by planning actions that encourage friends and family to be involved too. Create a chain reaction of action!

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