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Bring Voting to Worship

The 2022 election will determine the fate of our democracy and as people of faith we must find innovative ways to show up, faithfully, and with purpose. Integrating voting information on how to register to vote and make a voter plan for your congregation within the worship service encourages more voter participation, and ensures that we have leadership founded in dignity, peace, faith, and respect of all people.

Voter Sermon Guide

During worship services, faith leaders have the opportunity to amplify messaging around voting rights, voter protection, registration and the election process. There are many ways to share this information through a sermon. We encourage you to connect to relevant scripture, faith values and themes of dignity and community, include a prayer for a faithful election process and encourage voter registration, making a voter plan and voting in the 2022 election–early as possible.Here are some sermon starters to share during your virtual services:

LET MY PEOPLE VOTE | GOTV | Scripture: Exodus 3:7-15
Sermon Excerpt: You and I must lead our people to freedom from the atrocities of the Pharaoh’s of our time. We must hold high the banner of passion and compassion and proclaim with a prophetic voice, let my people go, LET MY PEOPLE VOTE!
A Prayer for Our Nation’s Election

TAKE IT TO THE ALTAR | Ballot Box |Genesis 17:6-8, 15-22 18:9-15 21:1-8 22:1-14
Sermon Excerpt: We are living in a time where the heart of our country is breaking and the soul of our nation is hurting. History has shown us time and time again, it is these times where the church rises to its purpose.I believe that when, we the people of God sacrifice, we create our NOW moment! We can restore the soul of our nation and we can proclaim the promises as Abraham’s seed on November 8!
A Prayer for All Voters

I AM THE ONE| Social Justice| Matthew 18:10-14, Matthew 12:15-21
Sermon Excerpt: We live in a world in which having power is seen as being of the utmost importance. We are the “one” in the movement, we are the “one” struggling to protect our families and our loved ones, we are “one” that Jesus left the ninety-nine for. And We are the ones to change this world through voting!
A Prayer for Inspiration and Courage

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