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Racial Justice

Celebrate the Black Church

Celebrate Black Church Month This October The Black Church has historically been a source of hope, inspiration, community, and an organizing platform in America. Rooted in faith and belief in a liberating God, both leaders and members of the Black Church should be celebrated for their tenacity, commitment, uplifting of all people, and leading in the fight for justice, equality, equity, and freedom.

People of Faith Remember George Floyd

George Floyd should still be with us. As people of faith, it’s on us to believe in -- and demand -- a future where all can live safely, freely and with dignity. Black lives matter to God. They must matter to our government.

After Chauvin Verdict, Faith Leaders Demand True Justice for Black Communities

Join us as we demand accountability for the broken justice and policing system, the lives it steals, and the communities it impacts. Black lives matter to God, and must matter to our government.

Good Friday was a Lynching

To mark Good Friday, join us to hear 7 Christian faith leaders share admonition and inspiration to continue the work of justice, calling for an end to state-sanctioned violence, excessive policing, and white supremacy guided by the 7 last words of Jesus.

Tell Congress to Pass the BREATHE Act

Celebrate the Black Church Join us in calling on Congress to pass the BREATHE Act and take money from systems of punishment and surveillance that… Read More

Juneteenth: Demanding True Liberation

Celebrate the Black Church Our movement’s vision is rooted in liberation and emancipation for all people. On Juneteenth, 2020 we brought together leaders for a… Read More

Racial Justice

Faith in Public Life has been on the forefront of fighting for racial justice everywhere we’re working.

Laila Alawa: A Bold Voice in Trying Times

Celebrate the Black Church If ever there were a person to challenge the status quo in media by providing a platform… Read More
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