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Racial Justice

Faith in Public Life is working toward advancing and defending just and equitable policies for all Americans.

Our Work

Faith in Public Life has been on the forefront of fighting for racial justice everywhere we’re working. From reforming the criminal justice system in Georgia to marching for voting rights in Washington, DC, we stand in a long line of prophetic leaders who aren’t satisfied with just denouncing injustice but who ‘pray with their feet’ to bring real freedom.

In our country, people of color are under attack daily, from police brutality to voting rights restrictions. As people of faith, we are called to build a society where everyone is safe, everyone is respected and everyone can share in the great experiment of America. These are some ways we are working to do that.

Black Lives Matter to God

Being black in America should not be punishable by death. As people of faith, we believe that everyone is created in the image of God, and thus deserves love, respect and justice. We cannot look away or shudder in silence when racism denies these values.

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Resources on Racial Justice

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