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Laila Alawa: A Bold Voice in Trying Times


If ever there were a person to challenge the status quo in media by providing a platform for debate on subjects often considered taboo, it is Laila Alawa — a bold voice in trying times. As founder and CEO of The Tempest, a media and tech company, Alawa provides a platform for millennial women from diverse backgrounds to tell their stories of love, life, pop culture and social change.

As a Muslim woman coming of age post 9-11, Alawa’s early experiences with harassment and assault would later fuel her fight against both Islamophobia and sexism for millennial women.

“I will never let other women like myself or unlike myself ever go through the alienation and isolation that I felt,” Alawa said.

The Tempest allows millennial women to find common ground on a daily basis, whether it is through politics, entertainment or religion. What began as a few writers has blossomed into a network of more than 300 who aim to “empower, disrupt, and amplify” global conversation.

Alawa believes media can change the world for the better. “I believe God has given me a sense of responsibility,” she said.

For those who wish to speak out like Alawa and have their voices heard, she has some simple advice: “Understand what your abilities and talents are, and reject what other people have told you to be the truth.”

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