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Graham Younger

Graham Younger Georgia DirectorHe/Him Graham is the Georgia Director for Faith in Public Life. The son… Read More

Min Shavonne Williams

Graham Younger Georgia Organizing AmbassadorShe/her Minister Shavonne D. Williams serves as the Georgia Organizing Ambassador for Faith in Public Life. She is a… Read More

Od’Juan Whitfield

Graham Younger DEMOCRACY REFORM ORGANIZERHe/Him Od’Juan Whitfield is the Democracy Reform Organizer in Jacksonville, Florida. After leaving his home in Indianapolis,… Read More

Joey McKinnon

Graham Younger Florida DirectorHe/Him Joey McKinnon serves as the Florida Director for Faith in Public Life. With several years of… Read More

Vivian Hulsey

Graham Younger Organizing and Communications AssociateShe/Her Vivian Hulsey serves as FPL’s Organizing and Communications Associate. Vivian lends her hand to the Faithful Census,… Read More

Kelsey Herbert

Graham Younger Campaigns DirecterShe/Her Kelsey Herbert serves as the Campaigns Director for Faith in Public Life (FPL). Kelsey coordinates FPL’s immigration… Read More

Charlie Everett

Graham Younger digital campaignerthey/them Charlie Everett serves as the Digital Campaigner working to advance Faith in Public Life and Faith in Public Life’s… Read More

Mia Coward

Graham Younger Organizing AssociateShe/her Mia Coward serves as the Faith in Public Life(FPL), organizing associate. Mia supports FPL’s 2020 census, immigration… Read More

Rev. Dan Clark

Graham Younger Ohio DirectorHe/Him Rev. Dan Clark (he/him/his) is Ohio Director at Faith in Public Life. In this role, he builds relationships… Read More

Sara Benitez

Graham Younger VP of Organizing and CampaignsShe/Her/Ella Sara Benitez directs the organizing department where she works to empower clergy and lay leaders of… Read More
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