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Our Faith Protects our Freedom to Vote

Earlier this year, Governor Mike DeWine signed HB 458 into law, one of the most extreme laws attacking our freedom to vote of any state in the country. In spite of these setbacks our leaders have created, we know that when faith leaders join together and push back, we can and will protect our communities and our democracy. In this democracy protection webinar training, the Ohio Voter Rights Coalition makes sure that faith and community leaders have the resources and knowledge to share vital information in their communities about the changes to voting in Ohio and how we can, and will, fight back!

Download the slide deck from the training on what is new in Ohio’s Election Code

What do I need for Voter ID?

Check out required documents for Driver Licenses and State IDs.

Get plugged in to partner efforts!

Join the Ohio Voter Rights Coalition for up to date information, action alerts, and more.

Request a speaker from the Ohio Voter Education Team.

Vote Riders

Sign-up for Ohio-specific voter ID assistance training from Vote Riders (how to help people get an ID in Ohio)

Request & distribute free Vote Riders info cards.

Let service organizations you work with know about the free assistance from Vote Riders for people who need IDs:  they will cover all costs associated with getting an ID!

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