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Listening to Catholic Women: A Deeper Conversation about Abortion & Reproductive Justice

Catholic women share personal stories about how their faith and lived experiences inspire them to speak out in support of public conversations that better reflect the complexity of abortion and reproductive justice.

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When Abortion Isn’t Abortion

Pro-life slogans are simple, but women’s needs aren’t.

By Mollie Wilson O’Reilly

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It’s time to end the Catholic Church’s abortion culture wars

Catholic bishops should spend more time listening to people, including pro-choice Catholic women.

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The difficult truths of a post-Roe America

Only a day after the Dobbs decision, in which the Supreme Court overturned Roe v Wade’s legalization of abortion, the 6 p.m. Saturday mass at my home parish was, like most 6 p.m. Saturday masses in summer, pretty low-key… I was grateful that the priest serving this quiet parish had the pastoral wisdom to simply preach the gospel and break the bread.

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