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Faithful Agenda Messaging Guide

We believe in the divinely given equality and dignity of every person. We are required to do justice, liberate people who are oppressed, and love all of our neighbors. Democracy is the means by which we ensure that our public policies reflect these values. Together, we’re moving our nation forward on the journey to justice.

April 1st marks the last month of President Joe Biden’s first 100 days in office. Already, we have seen great progress in the passage of the Equality Act and Dream and Promise Act in the House of Representatives, and the roll out of the American Rescue Plan. We have also seen uneven policies, great loss and acts of violence as the pandemic continues and hate crimes rise. In the countdown to this administration’s 100th day, people of faith must continue to work together to bring our vision of a more just nation into reality. We must demand that our elected officials pass policies that honor the dignity of all. We must mobilize our neighbors and communities to do the same. We must organize bold actions while protecting each other from the pandemic. In 2021, we face a test of who we are as a nation, and who we will become.

Use this resource to inspire people to take action that helps pass policies that promote justice for all. You know your community best – please feel free to adapt what’s here to resonate with your faith and audience.

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