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Sisters Urge Sen. Rob Portman to Support Humane Immigration Reform


February 17, 2017


Michelle Nealy, mnealy@faithinpubliclife.org, (202)735-7123

Catholic Sisters Urge Ohio Senators to Support Humane Immigration Reform

Faith leaders call on Sen. Rob Portman to build bridges not walls to mark the one-year anniversary of Pope Francis’ visit to the U.S.-Mexico border

Cincinnati, Ohio — On Friday, February 17th, a diverse and prominent group of interfaith clergy held a prayer vigil to pressure Sen. Rob Portman to overturn President Trump’s executive orders on immigration and to protect immigrant and refugee families.

Dozens of faith and community leaders gathered together at Senator Portman’s Cincinnati office to send a powerful message in defense of immigrants and refugees.

Sr. Mary Wendeln, C.PP.S:

“Today you call us to welcome all God’s people who come to our land, fleeing oppression, violence, poverty, persecution, domestic violence, and war.”

Esther Marie Cabrera, daughter of an undocumented immigrant:

“We’ve had long discussions about who I will have to stay with if [my mother] gets deported, if I’ll go back with her or if I’ll stay here and get my college education.”

Standing outside of Sen. Portman’s office, clergy and attendees spoke with one voice, “We pray that our legislators, as they craft new immigration legislation, will find wisdom and courage to enact new policies that do justice for our country and for those who would immigrate here.”


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