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ME Faith Leaders Arrested at Tax Plan Sit-in at Senator Collins’ Office


December 8, 2017


Michelle Nealy, mnealy@faithinpubliclife.org, (202)735-7123

ME Faith Leaders Arrested at Tax Plan Sit-in at Senator Collins’ Office

Portland, Maine — On Thursday, December 7th, nine faith leaders from Maine were arrested following a 9-hour sit-in at Sen. Susan Collins’ Portland office. Faith leaders sought a commitment from Senator Collins to vote “no” on the immoral Republican tax plan, which is currently in conference between the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives.

Prior to the arrest, religious leaders received a call from Senator Collins and were able to express their concerns.

The clergy had a moral declaration signed by 184 Maine faith leaders urging Senator Collins to reject this immoral legislation. You can read the declaration here and watch video of the arrest here. Photos.

Rev. Allen Ewing-Merrill, Co-Pastor, HopeGateWay (Portland) issued the following statement after being released from police custody:

“We took part in this nonviolent civil disobedience because our faith calls us to take care of our neighbors and to stand in solidarity with those who are vulnerable. Our purpose was to call on Senator Collins to do the right thing for her constituents and to listen to God’s call at this pivotal moment by opposing this unjust, immoral and harmful piece of legislation. This tax plan hurts low-income Mainers and seniors, and it gives massive tax cuts to the very wealthiest Americans and powerful corporations. This is an issue of fairness and misplaced priorities, especially because the tax breaks will be funded by raising taxes on middle-class families and slashing funding for Medicare, Medicaid and education.”


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