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Florida Faith Leaders Leaders Mourn for Surfside Community


July 2, 2021


Austin Schuler, aschuler@faithinpubliclife.org, (540) 280-3393

Florida Faith Leaders Leaders Mourn for Surfside Community

Miami, Florida– On June 24, part of the Champlain Towers South condo building in Surfside, Fla., suddenly collapsed. Now, one of the largest U.S. rescue operations in recent memory is underway in the beachfront community just north of Miami.

Pastor Norman Hodge, Jr., Triumph Life Ministries, Miami-Dade:

“The Surfside Condo Building tragedy has impacted us all, the friends and families, the community, and the country. The ripple effect has created waves of sadness and sorrow, heaviness of heart, and community concern. Our faith is being tested, but I believe our resolve in whom we trust strengthens us. In the middle of collapsing chaos and wicked weather, we must remain steadfast in our hope. It is unity, hope, and love that will guide us into unrelenting progress.”

Joey McKinnon, Florida Director, Faith in Public Life:

“A week into rescue efforts, our hearts go out to those who’ve lost their lives, the people unaccounted for, and their families after the horrific collapse of the Champlain Towers South condo building in Surfside. We lift our prayers and encouragement for the first responders and medical personnel, law enforcement, elected leaders, faith leaders and community that are working continuously in the rescue and recovery efforts. We stand with Surfside’s Jewish community during this time of grief as reports indicate many of the victims and the unaccounted for are of the Jewish community. Following rescue efforts, we call on elected leaders to investigate what led to this tragedy and take steps that ensure the safety and security of Floridians from future collapses.”


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