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Faith Leaders to Participate in Local Prayer Vigil in Response to the Weekend’s Deadly Shootings


August 27, 2018


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Faith Leaders to Participate in Local Prayer Vigil in Response to the Weekend’s Deadly Shootings

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – On Wednesday, August 29th at 8 p.m., faith and community leaders will hold a prayer vigil on the steps of the Jacksonville Landing for the four victims who were shot and killed this weekend during a gaming event and at a football game. The two tragic shootings took place at the Raines High School football game, leaving one dead on Friday, and culminating in a horrific mass shooting Sunday at the Jacksonville Landing which killed three victims.

In light of this tragedy, two faith leaders have issued the following statements.

Pastor John Allen Newman, The Sanctuary at Mt. Calvary Church:

“This is a sad season in Jacksonville. The loss of life while celebrating life, a football game and a gaming event, is the greatest of tragic ironies. We have to come together as a community to address the culture of gun violence and the culture of the devaluation of human life. The whole community is at risk and it is time we come to the realization that no part of our community is completely safe. This is a problem for all of us to solve.”

Pastor Bruce Jones, Southside United Methodist Church:

“My first response to this tragic weekend is to pray. Pray for the victims and the perpetrators. Pray for first responders, our police and our city leaders. Pray for the violence to stop. Keep praying until you get an answer. Following the Raines High School shooting Friday, I prayed like this and the Holy Spirit told me: Enough talk. Do something.”


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