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Ramadan Mubarak!

Ramadan reminds us to show up for community. When we’re fasting, everything becomes a little harder, whether making food or going to a protest. I’m not always as active while I’m fasting. But we continue to show up for each other in sustainable ways. If we are all able to collectively slow down and show up for each other for these thirty days, then we're able to do that year around.

Rabbi Zimmerman’s Passover Reflections

Passover is a time of stories. We tell the story of the Exodus from slavery to liberation which is a story of leaving where one doesn't have any say to a place of liberation, freedom and redemption. In the desert, where we had journeyed from Mizraim (that is, Egypt), we have the giving of the Torah, so we weren't only physically free because of the Exodus story, we are also spiritually free because of the Torah and the 10 Commandments. Those are a way of reminding us that we are here to serve God, God is not here to serve us. 

This Vaisaakhi, stand up for the oppressed…

Happy Vaisaakhi! I’m Dr. Tarunjit Singh Butalia, a board member of Faith in Public Life and the Executive Director of Religions for Peace USA. For thousands of years, Vaisaakhi has been celebrated as a time of harvest in the Punjab. For the Sikh community, my own religious community, it commemorates two important events in our history: the birth of Guru Nanak Sahib, the founder of the Sikh faith, and the establishment of the Khalsa, the fraternity of the chosen ones with the formal initiation in the Sikh faith by the Tenth Guru, Guru Gobind Singh.

Catholic Women: Reclaiming Debates about Abortion & Reproductive Justice

More than 30 prominent Catholic women scholars, theologians and advocates have signed an Open Letter from Catholic Women: Reclaiming Public Debates about Abortion & Reproductive Justice. Join us for a public virtual conversation with signers of the letter to explore the intersection of our faith and reproductive justice.

Rev. Rosie Washington: He is Risen!

Happy Easter He is risen! I’m a preacher’s kid and Baptist through and through. The opportunity for deep reflection during the… Read More

Merry Christmas!

I pray that you have some of the courage of Mary, some of the hope of this season and some deep rest today.

Faith on the Frontlines: Praying for Election Day

Millions of people have already voted in the 2022 elections! But we know that white Christian nationalists are using threats of violence and fear to set up barriers for people to vote and to make it harder for election officials to count the votes. And that is why our multi-faith and multiracial coalition is coming together in prayer on Monday, right before Election Day.

National Town Hall for Spirit-Filled Voters

We are called to participate in politics to promote the common good, but what does that look like during an election year? Join NETWORK and national faith leaders to talk faith, politics, and voting. Together, we'll explore how each of us can use our vote and our voice to inspire hope in our democracy and build a brighter future for our country.

Ohio Democracy Protection Training

From unconstitutional maps, to extremist legislation that suppresses voting, to the violence and threats rooted in white Christian nationalism that makes the national news Ohioans like you have already been witness to the barriers and threats to our freedom to vote. In spite of these threats, we know and have seen throughout history that when faith leaders join together and push back, we keep our communities safe. Responding to violence and threats to our democracy with faith, truth and our presence is in the spiritual DNA of our collective and diverse faith traditions. Join us as we discuss how we ensure we are equipped and able to protect our democracy and keep each other safe.

Protecting Democracy & Voting Rights: A Conversation with Catholic Activists

Powerful institutions and political leaders are working to rigging the system and erecting racist obstacles to voting and full participation in American life. We know that voter suppression is a sin. Silence is complicity. Join our panel on Friday, October 14 as we discuss how Catholics can act to protect democracy and voting rights.
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