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Poll monitoring raises specter of election violence, but experts focus on what happens afterward

USA Today wrote about the potential for violence and disruption in the 2022 elections. They covered Faith in Public Life’s work to bring peace.

A group of faith leaders and social workers, operating as part of the religious political group Faith in Public Life, began responding to polling-place conflicts in 2021. The group, which uses de-escalation strategies to try to defuse potential clashes, began its election work in 2020 and is ready to respond in 2022, said the Rev. Dan Clark, Ohio director for Faith in Public Life.

“A lot of times, an election peacekeeper won’t necessarily square up with the intimidator and try to solve whatever problem they’re creating,” he said. “Instead, an election peacekeeper often shows up in solidarity with the voters and brings that calming presence so that they can stay in line confidently and vote.”

Read more from USA Today here.
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