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Multi-faith, Multiracial Group of Faith Leaders Hold Prayer Vigil for Free, Fair and Safe Elections ahead of Election Day


Tuesday, November 8, 2022


Austin Schuler, aschuler@faithinpubliclife.org, 540-280-3393

Multi-faith, Multiracial Group of Faith Leaders Hold Prayer Vigil for Free, Fair and Safe Elections ahead of Election Day

*Faith Leaders Available for Interviews*

Washington, D.C. – On Monday, November 7, Protestant, Catholic, Muslim, Jewish, Sikh and Buddhist faith leaders from across the country came together to be in community and hold an online prayer vigil ahead of Election Day. In addition to holding time for prayer, faith leaders called on our elected leaders to ensure voters are free from violence and intimidation at the polls. 

Faith in Public Life has trained over 150 peacekeepers or poll watchers in Ohio, Florida and Georgia combined and will have faith leaders at polling places across those states on Election Day. 

Co-sponsors of the event include: Wisconsin Faith Voices for Justice, Mormon Women for Ethical Government, Interfaith Alliance, Faithful America, Wisconsin Council of Churches, National Council of Churches, United Church of Christ and Interfaith Power and Light, Sojourners

For video of the event, please click here.

Jeanné Lewis, Interim CEO, Faith in Public Life

“We faith leaders have gathered today to testify to our vision of a healthy, multi-faith, multiracial democracy, serving the common good. We are Protestant, Catholic, Muslim, Jewish, Sikh, and Buddhist faith leaders from across the country coming together to be in prayer ahead of Election Day and to prepare our hearts, our minds, and our spirits for the journey ahead.”

Vasu Bandhu, Faith Community Coordinator, Arizona Faith Network

“The teachings of the Buddha help us to understand and recognize that all beings suffer and all are looking for happiness.”

Emma Petty Adams, Co-Executive Director, Mormon Women for Ethical Government 

“It is trust in human beings’ moral intuition and reasoning that motivates our commitment to free elections and the right of every person to have their voice be counted.”

Rev. Paul Raushenbush, President and CEO of Interfaith Alliance

“In this election season, inspire us God to reach out to everyone we know and invite them to join us in this sacred act of voting.”

Rev. Christian Watkins, Government Relations Advocate, NETWORK

“Lord of one Creator, continue to provide us with your peace and power in the hours and days to come. Make your presence known and empower we the people to respond faithfully at the polls in the U.S.”

Rabbi Bonnie Margulis, Executive Director Wisconsin Faith Voices for Justice

“We have a decision to make. Will we live in a society that embraces diversity that strives for equity, that respects all voices…that honors women’s autonomy, communities of color, Native people, LGBTQIA people, all who live here regardless of immigration status, and a society that lives by the values of compassion, unity and love.”

Rev. Dr. Amariah McIntosh, Director of Public Policy, The Ohio Council of Churches

“We blessed those who are serving in capacities as all chaplains and election peacekeepers to ensure that everyone who shows up will be able to enter their polling places safely and to cast their ballots without fear and intimidation.”

Sandy Sorseen, Director DC Office, Washington, DC, Justice and Local Church Ministries United Church of Christ 

“We come with anxious minds, and weary hearts, yearning for clarity of vision and a way forward that is rooted in hope, not fear, that is rooted in love, not hate.”

Sister Bridget Bearss, Associate Director for Transformative Justice, The Leadership Conference of Women Religious

“We call on people of goodwill throughout the entire country to honor & respect human dignity of every person who exercises their right to vote in accordance with [their] own life experience & God-given conscience & we pray for safety, freedom & faith.”

Tarunjit Singh Butalia, Executive Director, Religions for Peace USA

“We know that there are many barriers to voting. The right to vote is something we must continually protect.”

Rev. Leo Seyij Allen, Georgia Campaigns Manager, Faith in Public Life

“I’m praying for everyone who is voting tomorrow in-person – I’ll be there. I’m praying for folks like my parents who are poll workers in Nashville, Tennessee. I’m praying for those who are volunteering and are afraid to step out of the house tomorrow.”

Rev. Dan Clark, Ohio Director, Faith in Public Life

“We seek peace and will resist the dangerous ideology of white Christian nationalism, which has nothing to do with the teaching of Jesus.”

Hajj Reza Nekumanesh, Executive Director, Islamic Cultural Center of Fresno 

“We know oh god that standing and establishing justice can look like so many things. One of the ways that we can establish justice as you have commanded is by checking some boxes. I pray to you oh god to inspire your people to wake up and check some boxes. To check some boxes for health care access, to check some boxes for science, to check some boxes for hope, to check some boxes so that Black bodies are no longer targeted by state and police violence, to inspire us to check some boxes to end predatory capitalism, to check some boxes on behalf of the 11 million undocumented brothers and sisters in this land who don’t have the power or right to check those boxes.”

Moya Harris, Church Network Coordinator, Sojourners

“Oh Lord, compel us to vote in ways that treat the people’s needs as holy so that justice will flow like rivers.”

Min. Shavonne Williams, Georgia Organizing Ambassador, Faith in Public Life

“Your Word tells us that what you require of us is to act justly or to do what’s right. So we’re asking right now that everybody participate and do their part and do what’s right in this great democracy that we have so it’s truly representative.”

Rev. Rosie Washington, Leadership Development Director, Faith in Public Life

“God, we ask that you lift our heavy hearts, that you are guarding our souls and renew the fire within our souls. The fire that reminds us that with you on our side, nothing is impossible…God we thank you for the fire that will rain down on us tomorrow that the focus in the courageousness in which we approach the polls, that care is what we give to our people.”

Od’Juan Whitfield, Florida Associate Manager, Faith in Public Life

“We ask you God that you would put your hand out in protection, that we may have peaceful, fair & safe elections across this nation. We know that no matter what the results are, we know that we’re going to be alright because we are in your hands.”

Faith in Public Life is a national movement of clergy and faith leaders united in the prophetic pursuit of justice, equality and the common good. Together, with a network of over 50,000 leaders, they are leading the fight to advance just policies at the state and federal level that affirm our values and the human dignity of all.

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