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Catholic Leaders Applaud Supreme Court’s DACA Decision


June 18, 2020


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Catholic Leaders Applaud Supreme Court’s DACA Decision

Washington, D.C. — The Supreme Court struck down the Trump administration’s immoral termination of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program protecting young immigrants from deportation. 

Most Rev. Mark J. Seitz, Bishop of El Paso, Texas:

“The Supreme Court’s decision today is a blessed relief and a moment of celebration for our Dreamer brothers and sisters. It is a testament to years of hard work and organizing by Dreamers themselves. While it is not a permanent solution, at a time of national crisis today’s news should give us all hope that when we bring our aspirations and dreams to the public square, a more just society is possible. The current pandemic and the outcry over racism and police brutality are smashing our idols and stripping our country bare before the Lord. We see that only fraternal love will get us through this crisis. Love is mercy. Love is compassion and solidarity. Let us continue to work for justice and storm the halls of heaven with prayer, until the dreams of all of our sisters and brothers, documented and undocumented, are set free from cages of fear and indifference, and all of us can take our rightful place at the table of fraternal love.” 

Patricia McGuire, President, Trinity University (Washington, D.C.): 

“We rejoice that the Supreme Court of the United States has made a decision in keeping with the best of our legal tradition to uphold justice and freedom for persons in this nation. Young people who received DACA permits are important members of our communities in schools, colleges and workplaces throughout the United States. They are on the front lines of healthcare during the Covid-19 pandemic; they are teachers and first responders, scientists and social workers. Justice for immigrants is a pro-life issue, and Catholics, in particular, should be on the front lines of advocating for justice as a matter of our faith.”

John Gehring, Catholic Program Director at Faith in Public Life:

“I’m excited and relieved for so many immigrants who have been living in fear of this ruling. It has been a privilege to learn from these young people who are leaders in their churches, universities and communities. I’ve been inspired by the drive and the commitment of young immigrant activists living out the social justice teachings of our faith. Today is a day to celebrate, but also a time to recommit our efforts to making sure all immigrants are treated with the dignity they deserve.”


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