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Glad nuns standing up for lives and dignity of women

A letter to the editor in the Cincinnati Enquirer supported an op-ed signed by ten Catholic sisters in Ohio which called for moving beyond the abortion culture wars to support families. You can add your name in solidarity with the sisters here.

Thank you to the Catholic Sisters of Charity, Peace, Mercy and Hope for their guest column to the Cincinnati Enquirer on April 2. In just four clear and forthright paragraphs, the Sisters condemned the punitive abortion laws that have “threatened the lives and dignity of women.” In addition, they “lobby those in power to change systems that perpetuate injustice” and urge them to pass legislation that would result in building a truly pro-life culture, one that would provide the care and resources that families need to thrive and flourish.

How fortunate the citizens of Ohio are to have these extraordinary women living and working in our midst.

See the letter in the Enquirer here.
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