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At Faith in Public Life, we want to supply you with the tools and resources you need to advocate for justice in your community. Take a look below to get equipped!

Listening to Catholic Women: A Deeper Conversation about Abortion & Reproductive Justice

The time has come to listen to Catholic women and have a better, deeper conversation on abortion and reproductive justice. Catholic women are sharing personal stories about how their faith and lived experiences inspire them to speak out in support of public conversations that better reflect the complexity of these issues.

Merry Christmas!

I pray that you have some of the courage of Mary, some of the hope of this season and some deep rest today.

Moral messaging to ensure every voter is heard

Messaging guidance for responses to post-Election Day interference and disinformation, to ensure that the will of the people is officially certified and duly elected leaders take office in 2023. You can use these messages word-for-word, or as inspiration for your own messages.

Faith on the Frontlines: Praying for Election Day

Millions of people have already voted in the 2022 elections! But we know that white Christian nationalists are using threats of violence and fear to set up barriers for people to vote and to make it harder for election officials to count the votes. And that is why our multi-faith and multiracial coalition is coming together in prayer on Monday, right before Election Day.

Ohio Faith Leaders for Abortion Access

Across Ohio, faith leaders are working together to ensure we all live in safe, healthy and sustainable communities. We are joining together to decry the extreme measures that leaders have taken to ban abortion and create barriers that make it more difficult for people to access the reproductive healthcare they need, desire and deserve. Our diverse communities of faith are committed to being co-creators with God and working together to make certain that we all have access to the care we need.
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