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Rev. Dr. Matthew Scraper


Chief Operating Officer

Matthew Scraper serves as the Chief Operating Officer at Faith in Public Life. Matthew Scraper is a seasoned nonprofit executive with a Master of Divinity and a Doctor of Ministry in Organizational Leadership from Asbury Theological Seminary. He recently served as the Chief Operating Officer at the Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits, where he led strategic planning and managed financial oversight to support the organization’s goals and expand its reach.

An ordained elder in the Oklahoma Indian Missionary Conference of the United Methodist Church, Matthew has a strong foundation in community and spiritual leadership, which he has demonstrated throughout his career. He has also served in various pastoral roles, supporting and guiding diverse communities through his ministry.

In addition to his leadership roles, Matthew is a U.S. Army veteran, an experience that has honed his organizational and strategic skills. He is actively involved in the community, serving on boards and volunteering with organizations such as the First Americans Museum, where he contributes to initiatives that drive significant community impact.

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