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Fall 2023 Political Violence Resource Guide

Resource Guide

Rapid Response Memo: Offline Events in the US Related to Israel-Gaza Conflict from Bridging Divides Initiative

  • This is an initial list of offline events in the United States related to the Israel-Gaza conflict. The list focuses on attacks, vandalism, fights, or other offline violence or direct threats.

Autumn Brown and Adrienne Maree Brown host two conversations around the crisis in Palestine and Israel, first with Lara Kiswani from the Arab Resource and Organizing Center, then from Morgan Bassichis of Jewish Voice for Peace.

A leading anti-racism facilitator recounts a heartfelt conversation about epigenetic trauma and why she believes that the only liberation is a shared liberation.

Media Literacy Resources from A More Perfect Union and The Jewish Partnership for Democracy

Resources to help you identify and correct misinformation and connect you directly to experts on misinformation.

To fact-check a specific piece of news or information:

RumorGuard from the News Literacy Project

FactCheck.org from the Annenberg Public Policy Center at USC

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