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Ohio Clergy Coordinators

We are so proud to work with this team to advance justice in Ohio!

Will you partner with us to advance the work of faithful justice by giving $21 right now to catapult us from 2020, an unprecedented and very painful year, into new opportunities in 2021?

  • Rev. Lesley E. Jones, Cincinnati

    Rev. Lesley E. Jones is founder/Sr. Pastor of Truth & Destiny Covenant UCC in Cincinnati. She lives by the motto, “People First, Doing Jesus and Justice”. In her work as a faith/community organizer she is an advocate for justice seeking equity, human/civil rights, fairness and equality for all people. President of the Interdenominational Ministers Alliance she works with faith leaders in Southwest Ohio to provide a moral, pastoral and prophetic voice on social issues and to encourage civic engagement among people of faith. She led outreach for the 2020 Census and coordinated “Roll to the Polls: Early Voting 2020.” She also serves as the Faith Chairperson on the Hamilton County Addiction Response Coalition working to decrease and prevent substance abuse.

  • Pastor Josh Lawson, Portsmouth

    Pastor Josh Lawson serves in southern Ohio, where his faith-based work centers around issues related to drug recovery and harm reduction. He is a community organizer for Faith in Public Life Ohio and chairperson for the faith-based subcommittee of the Scioto County Collaborative Opioid Consortium. His upcoming book, The Face of Addiction, seeks to reduce the cultural stigma surrounding drug users by telling the stories of twelve people whose lives have been impacted by the opioid crisis in southern Ohio.

  • Rev. Terry Williams, Chillicothe

    Rev. Terry Williams is Pastor of Orchard Hill United Church of Christ in Chillicothe and a Faith Organizer committed to equipping faith leaders to do justice in Ohio. An ordained minister of the United Church of Christ, Rev. Williams serves a congregation in Ross County, a rural community hit hard by the drug crisis that also is home to two of Ohio’s state prisons. His work includes supporting faith-based volunteer work inside his local corrections facility and ministering to families of overdose victims. His other passions include organizing for equality & social change, reproductive health access, and fairness in community budgeting & resource utilization.

  • Rev. Raymond Greene, Jr., Akron

    Rev. Raymond Greene, Jr., executive director of Black Led Organizing Collaborative (BLOC). Greene has 11 years of experience working in the electoral field. Rev. Raymond E. Greene Jr. was born and raised in Akron, Ohio to Gwendolyn Haslem and Raymond E. Greene Sr. Grounded with an incredible set of family values, Raymond began his journey on the road to success. Hiring and training over 2,000 people in direct sales through canvassing in Ohio, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Detroit, and Pittsburgh, he used this skillset to build the largest voter registration team in the country. Greene’s collective efforts resulted in registering over 300K Black people to vote from 2012 to 2018. For several years, Greene served as the Ohio Organizing Collaborative Political Director and co-founded Black Fork Strategies. He has held many different positions in the electoral field including volunteer, Team Lead, Office Manager, Deputy Director, Political Director, and Organizing Director. These service and leadership roles were instrumental training grounds that cultivated Greene’s savvy as a strategic thinker and leader for BLOC. The Black Led Organizing Collaborative (BLOC) was created to build Black political power and is the vehicle for collective political expression, educating the Black electorate and the broader Black community on issues impacting their lives and mobilizing them to turn out to vote on issues and candidates.

  • Pastor Kyle Earley, Cleveland

    Pastor Kyle Earley is the Lead Pastor of City of God Church in Cleveland. Due to his passion for social justice; he has been an activist and organizer for over 15 years in Cleveland and throughout Ohio. Currently Pastor Kyle leads a group of faith leaders called “The Faith Movement.” TFM is focused on policy change and community connection through service. Pastor Kyle has worked on FPL outreach efforts such as harm reduction, the 2020 Census and the Faithful Voter program. Pastor Kyle’s motto is; It’s not a Moment; It’s a MOVEMENT.

  • Paisha Thomas, Columbus

    Paisha Thomas, serving as Faith in Public Life’s Racial Justice Campaign Coordinator, is an artist in the community and an advocate for justice. As co-founder of Say It Loud Columbus, Paisha works to combine music with protest in the movement for racial equality, while providing paid opportunities for musicians to participate. She has dedicated her voice to singing songs of inspiration and freedom. Paisha currently serves as a sanctuary advocate for Miriam Vargas, and also is actively involved in efforts to end state-sanctioned violence against black and brown people.

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