"You shall not wrong a stranger or oppress him, for you were strangers in the land of Egypt."


Exodus 22:21



Join us as we call on President Trump and members of the Trump administration to stop terrorizing our immigrant neighbors and stop tearing families apart. We call on our elected officials in Congress to withhold funding from CBP and ICE that enables them to raid communities, separate families, and detain children and families. We call on immigration enforcement officers and agents to turn away from cruelty and choose compassion.

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Rev. Jennifer Butler, CEO

Faith in Public Life

“The Bible says that which we do to the most marginalized among us, we do to Christ himself. To turn your back on the Dreamers is to turn your back on Christ. I pray that the Christians in Congress take that Gospel seriously, and I pray that they have the backbone to pass a clean DREAM Act that protects the futures of young American immigrants.”

Pastor Gabriel Salguero, Founder, National Latino Evangelical Coalition

“Now is not the time to turn these young people away, but rather to remove the fear of deportation and family separation. These brave youth give us hope and inspire us to never give up on our dreams. We have a moral obligation to welcome the immigrant, uphold the dignity of all people and affirm our nation’s value of building a brighter future together."

Bishop Mark Seitz,

Diocese of El Paso

“You are our brothers and sisters and we are not going to leave you in this struggle. We are with you and so are the vast majority of Americans and we are going to work together to see the day that you can live here without fear.”

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When the Trump administration started separating kids from their parents, we knew we had to act. We organized faith leaders across the country to speak out against this horror and call on our country to do better.

To educate and stand in solidarity with people at the border, we took two delegations down to Texas: one of women of faith and one of Catholic priests. We witnessed the courage of immigrants and the steadfastness of those working with them.


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