The state of Georgia is full of passionate clergy who believe that religion calls us to make the world better. Faith in Public Life Georgia works to amplify clergy voices on issues of public policy. We work with faith leaders to find issues that are too important to be defined by partisan divides, and use their gifts to shape public policy. FPL Georgia helps to ensure that faith leaders have the tools to be heard from the White House to the State Capitol to their own congregations. 

Gun Violence

After the horrific Newtown school shooting, a diverse group of Georgia clergy came together to work on the problem of gun violence. We drew inspiration from scripture and from the stories of people in our congregations, schools and neighborhoods. Together, we brought our concerns to the halls of power, advocated for common sense gun laws.

Criminal Justice Reform

As people of faith, we believe in justice, mercy and redemption. These core values, along with our commitment to practical solutions and public safety, inform our deep concern about Georgia’s broken criminal justice system. We're committed to working together across religious and political divides to build a more just system that prioritizes rehabilitation and protecting our communities.


Freedom of religion is one of our most fundamental rights as Americans. That’s why it’s protected in the Constitution. But religious freedom doesn’t give any of us a right to harm others. Georgia is one of only two states without any form of statewide nondiscrimination law. It’s time to work together to change that instead of endlessly debating politically toxic broad religious exemptions.​


Immigrant families in our community are being torn apart by immigration enforcement raids. FPL Georgia is empowering interfaith clergy to  take a stand - recently hosting a pilgrimage from Charlotte, North Carolina to Stewart Detention Center in Lumpkin. Immigration enforcement is ripping apart families in Georgia. 


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