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Melissa Rogers: Americans Are Unable to Practice their Faith Without Fear.

Melissa Rogers, a lawyer who specializes in issues between church-and-state, is worried that fear-mongering and discrimination pose a threat to America's religious pluralism so she wrote a book about. 


“We are seeing hate crimes happening at an alarming rate and certain people aren’t able to practice their faith without fear,” Rogers said.

Sr. Quincy Howard: Fighting for Democracy is Faithful

After leaving the church 25 years prior and planning to never return, Sr. Quincy Howard would accidentally join a silent retreat that would change her life forever. 

She received her masters degree in urban planning at the University of Texas and joined the National Wildlife Federation. Afterwards, she became an urban planner in New Orleans, she found the business side of her job distasteful so she left for a silent retreat - not realizing it was for women who were discerning formation with the Dominicans. This path would lead to her joining the Dominican Sisters.

Rev. Caroline MaGee: Living a Life Surrounded by Faith

Growing up in California, Rev. Caroline MaGee didn’t think she would impact the world, but the U.S. Navy opened her eyes. It was in the Navy where she met people whose religion was different than hers. MaGee served as a Surface Warfare officer before moving to Atlanta to become an attorney. 

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