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Rev. Caroline MaGee: Living a Life Surrounded by Faith

Growing up in California, Rev. Caroline MaGee didn’t think she would impact the world, but the U.S. Navy opened her eyes. It was in the Navy where she met people whose religion was different than hers. MaGee served as a Surface Warfare officer before moving to Atlanta to become an attorney. 

José Arnulfo-Cabrera: Millennial, Catholic & Undocumented in Trump Era.

At 4 years old, José Arnulfo-Cabrera’s family moved from Mexico to find a better life in Cincinnati. Almost 20 years later, he serves as the director of education and advocacy for Ignatian Solidarity Network and remains deeply rooted in the community. 

Pastor Gavin Rogers: Walk in Love and Solidarity with Homeless and Migrants

Gavin Rogers, associate pastor of Travis Park Church had always thought he'd be a teacher. But God had other plans.


Rogers graduated from Baylor University with an Education degree, but it wasn’t long before his world changed forever. A community member in his hometown was killed by a drive-by shooting, and through the anger and heartbreak Rogers immediately looked into seminary. Years later, he would travel alongside migrants walking across the border, serve thousands of people experiencing homelessness, and become the Associate Pastor at Travis Park Church in San Antonio. 


Rogers once spent forty days in homelessness, which propelled him into the world of social justice and forced him to ask the question, who are you spending time with in your community?

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