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Rev. Naomi Washington-Lephart: Jesus was Alienated by the System, that Liminality is Blackness.

“The only way I’m able to remain a Christian is to imagine that Jesus is Black and queer,” said Rev. Naomi Washington-Leapheart. “Jesus’s life story, the fact that his way of being put to shame the imperialist ways of the status quo, and that he was so resented that he was ultimately murdered -- this life mirrors the liminality [that] is Blackness.”

As the Director for Faith Based and Interfaith Affairs for the Mayor’s Office of Public Engagement in Philadelphia, Pa., and an Adjunct Professor at Villanova University, Rev. Naomi spends most of her time with her community. 

Rev. Vincent Brown: Healing Requires Reflection and Accountability

In Jacksonville, FL a young LGBTQ pastor shows his pride virtually for his community this year. Without being able to celebrate Pride Month in public this year, Rev. Vincent Brown finds other ways to honor LGBTQ people - starting with his ministry.

Ziad Ahmed: American Muslim Challenges Privilege and Propels his Faith

Ziad Ahmed is a student at Yale University, an entrepreneur, activist, and speaker. He has a long list of honors, from Facebook, MTV and Business Insider. He also worked for the US Department of State, political campaigns (including Hilary Clinton’s) and the Women’s March among others.

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