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Hi, I’m FPL’s New CEO, Jeanné Lewis


Fueled by faith. Anchored in justice. These are the words that guide our work at Faith in Public Life. Faith and justice are also values that my mom, aunt and grandmother taught me at an early age, values that continue to guide my life and work today.

From witnessing my grandmother answer her call to start a church in a time and culture where women didn’t do that to seeing her, my mom and aunt live out these values in our family and community, the women in my family have taught me how to see the importance of human dignity, how to act on behalf of others and what it means to be a servant leader. In the spirit of Ubuntu theology which has guided many South African cultures, I am because these women are.

I’m honored to join Faith in Public Life as a servant leader and interim CEO, to continue the work Rev. Jennifer Butler began 17 years ago, and to engage in bold moral actions with clergy and faith leaders like you in the prophetic pursuit of justice, equity and the common good. 

We are a coalition of clergy and faith leaders who want to cure society’s biggest problems, not merely put a bandaid on them. In the near term, we will be organizing, resourcing and empowering clergy and faith leaders to ensure people in our communities feel safe and confident in our elections and are able to decide when, where and if they begin or expand their families. We are working to ensure everyone’s innate dignity is valued and protected. Are you with us?

I’m fueled by the conviction that we are all beloved children of a loving God. It’s what led me to start my career doing faith-based community organizing in Florida and Ohio with DART, an organization rooted in faith that seeks justice and fairness in our communities. It’s what led me to found and lead two young adult ministries, most recently at St. Augustine Roman Catholic Parish in Washington, DC, the mother church of Black Catholics in the United States. And it’s what has called me to join you and this dynamic coalition of faith leaders in our unyielding pursuit of justice, equity and the common good.

I am honored to be in this fight with you.

In faith and courage,

Jeanné Lewis (she/her)
Interim CEO, Faith in Public Life

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