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Competitive Workforce Act

We are fighting for equal treatment of everyone in Florida - regardless of who they are or who they love.



Florida is a key state in politics and a melting pot for faith. Faith in Public Life Florida brings a unique voice into the media stream by combining faith leader advocacy with strategic planning at the statehouse. These faith leaders play a critical role in shaping public policy and the public narrative. 


In Florida it’s perfectly legal to fire someone or deny them services because they are lesbian, gay or transgender. It’s time for the state legislature to stand up for vulnerable Floridians by outlawing discrimination by passing a comprehensive civil rights bill. That is why four hundred faith leaders have added their names to a letter in support of the Competitive Workforce Act - will you join them?

Preventing Violence by Working Together

Violent language and dehumanizing rhetoric is on the rise. That is why we are planning now on how to reduce tension and seek peace in troubled times: bringing together people across lines of difference to work together.

Across faith communities, we are seeking peace with justice. We are building community now in Jacksonville, Orlando and across Florida. Reach out if you are interested in opportunities in your own community.

meet our state Leadership

Joey McKinnon serves as the Florida Statewide Manager for Faith in Public Life.  Joey led efforts to mobilize 200 diverse faith leaders to pass the Jacksonville Human Rights Ordinance and protect citizens from discrimination. A South Carolina native, Joey earned a degree in geology from Clemson University and a masters degree in geology from the University of Georgia. His interest in politics began as a U.S. Senate Page. Outside of work, Joey loves playing tennis, watching college football, and, most of all, being a dad to his baby daughter, Mara. He hopes that the work he does makes the future a little brighter for her!


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