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Ohio Public Safety Transformation

Everyone deserves to be safe in every neighborhood. Our current system of policing doesn’t do that. Black communities bear the brunt of police violence and systemic white supremacy. As a multiracial and multi-faith community, we must push back against racist policing and call for a new, brighter future. Justice cannot be served until families are able to live free and thrive without the fear of being murdered by police.

We must defund the police who are inflicting violence on our communities and fund programs which increase true safety for all of us.

To learn more about our work in Ohio, email Paisha Thomas today!

Our work and coalitions in Ohio

In Ohio, our efforts revolve around two coalitions. First, we participate in the Public Safety Transformation Studio, where we work with activists and partners from across Ohio to move our perception of safety to include safety for all of us. That means we need adequate housing, education, access to mental health care and decriminalized drug use.

In Columbus, we are key members of the Columbus Safety Collective. The CSC is pushing for non-police response to crises, rather than resorting to police violence as the first and only response. While we are working with the Columbus City Council, they have a long way to go before endorsing our means. Check out the work we are doing at the Columbus Safety Collective on Instagram and join us for a People’s Safety Forum in July.


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