Faithful America Launches Petition to Fire Franklin Graham

February 24, 2012, 12:19 pm | Posted by

Franklin GrahamResponding to Franklin Graham’s continued refusal to acknowledge that the President is indeed a Christian, Faithful America has launched a petition calling on Graham’s employer, the international Christian relief organization Samaritan’s Purse, to fire the pastor.

The petition reads:

Franklin Graham’s lies and fear-mongering about President Obama and our Muslim neighbors makes him unfit to lead a Christian organization. The Board of Directors of Samaritan’s Purse should immediately replace him.

So far over 10,000 people have signed. Add your name today.

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Faithful America and Bishop Gene Robinson Deliver 20,000 Petition Signatures to MSNBC

February 15, 2012, 5:44 pm | Posted by

Yesterday in New York, Faithful America members and faith leaders including Bishop Gene Robinson, Episcopal Bishop of New Hampshire, gathered at MSNBC studios to deliver 20,000 signatures calling on the network to stop inviting hate group leader Tony Perkins onto their news programming.

MSNBC sent down representatives to accept the petitions but remained non-committal about their willingness to change their policy.

Here’s video of their delivery combined with footage of Perkins on MSNBC:

You can sign the petition here.

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Faithful America and Bishop Gene Robinson to Deliver Petitions to MSNBC Headquarters

February 14, 2012, 9:30 am | Posted by

Bishop Gene RobinsonLast month, Faithful America launched a petition calling on MSNBC to stop inviting Family Research Council President Tony Perkins and other FRC spokespeople on its network to represent Christians.

Since the start of the campaign, over 20,000 people of faith have signed on. Unfortunately, MSNBC has not only failed to stop booking Perkins, they’ve gotten worse — inviting him to appear a staggering 11 times already this year.1

Today at 11am, Faithful America members are upping the ante. Joined by Episcopal Bishop Gene Robinson and local New York clergy, they’ll deliver their petition signatures to MSNBC representatives and hold a press conference outside network headquarters in Rockefeller Plaza.

The faith leaders will confront MSNBC about its decision to continue booking spokespeople from an organization that has been officially designated as a hate group for its history of spreading false, hateful claims about the LGBT community and challenge the network to find other guests more representative of the broader Christian community.

Joining Bishop Robinson at today’s event are:

Rev. Jacqui Lewis, Senior Minister, Middle Collegiate Church, New York, NY
Rev. Michael Ellick, Minister, Judson Memorial Church, New York, NY
Rev. Chloe Breyer, Executive Director, Interfaith Center of New York
Rev. Earl Kooperkamp, Pastor, St. Mary’s Episcopal Church, New York, NY

 The petition reads:

The Family Research Council is a hate group, and journalists ought to treat it as such. MSNBC must stop inviting Family Research Council spokespeople on the air to represent the views of Christians and other people of faith.


Photo credit: Jim Dela, Fotopedia

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Kansas Clergy Deliver 30,000 Faithful America Signatures to Kansas Speaker

January 19, 2012, 5:48 pm | Posted by

Faithful America Topeka Petition DeliveryAfter Kansas House Speaker Mike O’Neal (R – Hutchinson) forwarded around an email using the Bible to pray for President Obama’s death, Faithful America members quickly responded with a petition calling for his resignation. In just over a week, the petition has amassed over 30,000 signatures nationwide.

Today, two Kansas pastors, Rev. Tobias Schlingensiepen and Rev. Jim McCulloughgathered at the State Capitol to deliver the petitions and reiterate the signers’ demand. Rev. Schlingensiepen explained his motivation for signing:

Speaker O’Neal’s behavior is an affront to the Christian faith and unworthy of his office. It’s unpatriotic and offensive for an elected representative to wish harm upon the President of the United States. His refusal to show remorse shows that it’s time for him to resign, and to reflect upon the true foundations of his faith.

After originally equivocating, Speaker O’Neal has finally apologized, but he still refuses to step down from office.

UPDATE: Here’s video from the petition delivery:

UPDATE II: The delivery made the local news on the Topeka NBC affiliate last night:

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Kansas Speaker Responds to Faithful America Petition

January 17, 2012, 4:12 pm | Posted by

Kansas House Speaker Mike O'NealAfter Kansas Speaker of the House Mike O’Neal forwarded an email invoking Scripture to pray for President Obama’s death, people of faith across the country quickly condemned this reprehensible exploitation of faith.

Over 25,000 people have now signed Faithful America’s petition calling on Speaker O’Neal to resign, and Kansas media outlets are asking O’Neal about his comments.

In an Associated Press story, Speaker O’Neal finally responded to the controversy with a classic non-apology apology.

“I understand the debate over the verse interpretation, about which I have explained and for which I have repeatedly apologized to the extent anyone misconstrued my intent or was otherwise offended”

Unfortunately for Speaker O’Neal, there’s no real debate about the verse. His email asked readers to go look up Psalm 109:8, so surely he opened the Bible and saw that the “may his days be few in number” verse is followed immediately by “may his children be fatherless and his wife a widow.”

That Speaker O’Neal knowingly sent around and endorsed a verse that is obviously about the death of a political leader shows a tremendous lack of judgment that his evasive half-hearted apology only further confirms.

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