Prominent Christian Women Hold “Prayer Chain” Around McAllen Processing Center, Call on Trump Administration to End “Zero Tolerance”


June 28, 2018



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Prominent Christian Women Hold “Prayer Chain” Around McAllen Processing Center, Call on Trump Administration to End “Zero Tolerance”


Women of faith cry out to demand that families are kept together


McAllen, TX -- On Wednesday, June 27th, Christian women joined hands to form a prayer chain around the McAllen Station Central Processing Center. In a show of solidarity, they joined together in prayer for those families who have been cruelly separated by the Trump administration’s immoral “zero tolerance” policy and for all immigrants crossing the border hoping to secure safe passage and asylum for their families.

To watch the Facebook live stream video, click here. To view photographs, click here.

Rev. Jennifer Butler, CEO of Faith in Public Life (Washington, D.C.):

“We want to pray for the children inside and for the families. We know that you are a loving God. You’ve told us that whatever we do the least of these, we do to you. You have told us over and over again to care for the stranger, to care for the immigrant, to care for the refugee. We know that when we put families in cages we are putting our savior in a cage, as well...We pray that your spirit fill us and sweep across this nation, to talk sense in to our national leaders, and that you continue to mobilize hands and feet in moral outrage.” 

Sekinah Hamlin, Senior Advisor of the Ecumenical Poverty Initiative (Washington, D.C.):

“We stand as those that will disrupt this system and this evil sin. This country has stolen, snatched, and enslaved African children, stolen and snatched Native American children, stolen and snatched Japanese children and put them in cages and internment camps. This time we will not let this go on. So even right now, Lord God, we ask that you prick the hearts of the wielders of power, the policymakers that sit on high, so that truly they will know what it is to serve a liberating God, the gospel that sets us free, and they will, in turn, set these families free.”

Dr. Iva E. Carruthers, General Secretary, Samuel deWitt Proctor Conference (Chicago, IL):

“We have come here this day to say we will stand, we will have the courage, we will wash our hands of the blood of sin and say not under our watch. We have come in peace. We have come in love and there are no boundaries that can separate us from the love of you, God, and from the love that we send over to those children and those wailing mothers and fathers who have been intentionally separated by the powers and principalities of this nation.”

Rev. Dr. Amy Butler, Senior Pastor, Riverside Church (New York):

“We’re here today to remind ourselves that this is evil and it’s wrong. God help us repent and help us put into place laws that are just and kind, and honor the dignity and humanity of every person.”




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