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Powerful. Prophetic. Strategic.

When faith leaders develop the communications and advocacy skills that match their moral voice, they become game-changers in public policy debates and in our culture. In so doing, they build beloved community, promote human dignity and create a more just world. 

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Policymakers hear constantly from partisan operatives and monied special interests, but faith leaders' moral voices are distinctive and persuasive. We've seen at the federal and state level that clergy can be game changers in policy debates, and we equip them with the tools to influence legislators at critical moments.


From the overarching frame of debate to the fine-tuned word choice of talking points, strategic messaging is both art and science. Drawing on the latest research and years of collaborative experience, we develop messaging uniquely tailored to faith traditions that breaks through in public debates.

Media Strategy

The old saying "all press is good press" doesn't apply in today's polarized, rapid-fire news media. Earning coverage that advances your values -- whether through press conferences, direct actions, or in-studio interviews -- requires sharply honed skills. We help people of faith develop them.


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