Sheree McLaughlin: Being Counted in the 2020 Census is Caring for Your Community

Sheree McLaughlin, grassroots organizer, first started her work for justice by being curious. More than 15 years later, she serves as an avid Census Ambassador for Faith in Public Life to ensure that everyone in our nation is counted.


A resident of Detroit, McLaughlin has always felt a love and devotion to her community. For her it looks like acknowledging people and having conversations with them. This is how Sheree lives out her faith - by loving her neighbors and community with curiosity. She is inspired by what others are doing to help communities grow - this passion led her to census work.


In the 2010 Census, over 3,800,000 Latinos, 3,700,000 African Americans and 2,200,000 children -- 1 in every 10 children -- were not counted. That means that a large sum of funding that these people were owed did not get to them. 


The census helps us get funding to fix our infrastructure, put funding into our schools and so on. If you aren’t counted, resources are lost for your community. That means our people can’t be accurately and resourced in the ways they deserve all because they were not counted in the census. “Regardless of whatever faith you believe in,” McLaughlin noted, “the census brings about the necessary funding to help our communities - filling out the census is faithful.”


McLaughlin explained that she lives out her faith by caring for her community. 

When she isn’t working on census, she leads her own organization, Embrace The Rock, LLC. The organization's aim is to provide resources to young artists. McLaughlin explained that because of the lack of funding due to the hard to count community that she lives in, funding to the arts in the public schools has been shut down. She has seen first hand that the lack of necessary funding stunts young creatives. 

“I thank God, who gave me a voice to share with others,” McLaughlin said, “which is why I step into most places most people are afraid to go.” 

Be sure to include everyone who is living in your home. It’s never been easier to respond online, by phone, or mail! Visit 2020census.gov for more info.


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