Faith Leader Commends Senators for Rejecting “Skinny Repeal” of Affordable Care Act


July 28, 2017


Michelle Nealy,

Greg Williams, 854-1405

Faith Leader Commends Senators for Rejecting “Skinny Repeal” of Affordable Care Act

Washington, DC -- In response to the Senate’s defeat of another attempt to repeal key provisions of the Affordable Care Act last night, faith leaders who led a robust moral movement to defend health care from sinful repeal efforts rejoiced. The faith community’s efforts included training and mobilizing religious leaders for advocacy, marches on the Capitol and Senate offices, civil disobedience, vigils and petition deliveries at Congressional offices nationwide, social media campaigns, and thousands of phone calls to key Senators.


Faith in Public Life CEO Rev. Jennifer Butler released the following statement:

“Senators who stood with the faith community against the immoral effort to take health care away from millions of Americans showed true moral courage last night. Encouraged by clergy in their home states, Senators McCain, Murkowski and Collins stayed strong in the face of intense pressure. I pray that in future debates, all senators will listen to our moral message and put the health of their constituents ahead of partisan politics. Faith leaders across the country will not rest until our elected officials pass policies that reduce costs and provide care for struggling families, seniors, children and people with disabilities.”



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