Christian Leader Denounces Trump Administration “Biblical” Excuses for Family Devastation


June 14, 2018



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Faith Leader Denounces Trump Administration “Biblical” Excuses for Family Devastation


Washington, D.C. --  Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders both cited Biblical law as an excuse for separating thousands of children from their families at the Southwestern border. A broad spectrum of Christian leaders responded in disgust, including Rev. Jennifer Butler, founding director of Faith in Public Life.

Nearly 2,500 women of faith have signed a letter calling on the immediate end of these family separation policies. The letter states: “By tearing apart families, our government traumatizes children of God and tramples on our values. The soul of our nation is at stake.” You can read it in full with a list of signers here.

Rev. Jennifer Butler, former chair of the White House Council on Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships and Founding Director, Faith in Public Life:

"The Trump administration is abusing the Bible as a cover for cruel schemes to hurt families. Ripping children from their mothers is not doing good to these families, or to any of us. It is cruel, immoral and sinful. I pray that Attorney General Sessions and President Trump immediately stop taking children away from their parents and repent of this injustice."



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