Rev. Dr. William E. Flippin Jr.: Justice is Love in the Streets

From calling out injustices in the streets to mobilizing congregants to be changemakers in their communities, Rev. Dr. William E. Flippin Jr. has become a prophetic voice in his community.


As senior pastor of Emmanuel Lutheran Church in Atlanta, he followed his grandfather and father’s footsteps by joining the ministry where three generations of pastors fought for justice. In 2016, the pastor received the "Prophetic Voice" Award from Faith in Public Life. He is a member of the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Board of Preachers and Laity at Morehouse College, the Lutheran World Federation Church Council and is co-chair for Advocacy and Public Voice for seventy-five million Lutherans worldwide.


“Public theology is the outpouring of what I believe. Justice is love in the streets and is what you do with your heart and hands,” Flippin said.


The pastor believes that true love is actualized through justice. He learned this through building bridges within different communities in Georgia.

It’s not enough to just enough to help individuals through their sufferings but rather confronting systemic problems with systemic change. Ministry must deal with injustices seen every day within your communities.


“We cannot live our lives in reactionary mood - we have to live our lives completely to justice,” Flippin said.


Flippin calls on those with the most privilege and wealth in our nation to use their privilege for the good of their communities.


Currently he is working on a project that would create a collective community within the faith space in Georgia so that different faiths can come together and work towards justice. To connect with Rev. Dr. William E. Flippin Jr., visit


PO Box #33668

Washington, DC 20033

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