We believe that in the heart of every faith community are great moral visions that can transform the public imagination and result in concrete public policy gains. Yet as one of our faith partners is fond of saying, "A vision without a strategy is a hallucination." 

Faith in Public Life works to make moral visions a reality by supplying spiritual leaders with strategies that enable belief and spiritual practice to impact public debates. FPL's unique role is creating innovative communications and advocacy campaigns that enable the faith community's progressive vision to impact society for the greater good. 

The 2020 Census is a vital moment for our country and our democracy. People of faith are leading the way to ensure that everyone is counted.

Harm reduction is a social justice movement founded by people who use drugs, which affirms dignity and autonomy while addressing the health needs of the whole community. 

The Catholic program elevates the voices of Catholic social justice leaders in the public square and in public policy through media and advocacy.

We are working for a society where no-one is discriminated against because of who they are or who they love.

Defiant women change history. From women putting their bodies on the line during the Suffragist movement to the Women’s Marches today, we’ve proven that our voices shake the world. 


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