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Sara Benitez


Vice President of Organizing and Campaigns

Sara Benitez directs the organizing department where she works to empower clergy and lay leaders of all faith traditions to lead in their communities and promote their values. She is frequently humbled by the many faith leaders who selflessly serve and mobilize their communities for social justice.

Most recently, Sara served as the Director of Environment Programs at Hispanic Access Foundation, where she had the privilege of working with Latino faith leaders, youth, and families to advocate for public lands and water conservation. Sara cut her teeth in advocacy as a Research Analyst at the National Council of La Raza, where she made the case for policy changes that could increase opportunities for Latino families. Growing up in Idaho and Colorado, Sara was inspired by the the example of local leaders, including her parents, grandmother, and clergy, who dedicated themselves to community service and advocating for the Latino advocacy. She received a thorough education in advocacy and service at Wellesley College and deepened her understanding of the Latina/o diaspora at the University of Texas at Austin where she received a Master’s in Latin American Studies.

A Westerner at heart, Sara unwinds by birdwatching and stargazing from her D.C. balcony. She can lose hours in a bookstore, library or museum and feels blessed that her work has given her the opportunity to eat delicious Latino foods, from tacos to arepas, all across the country.

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