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Rev. Clinton Stancil: “I Believe in Praying with My Feet”


As a father of four young black men, Rev. Clinton Stancil’s passion for racial justice is deeply personal and deeply faithful.

The controversial acquittal of a St. Louis police officer who shot and killed a black driver following a high-speed chase has expanded the scope Rev. Stancil’s ministry from the confines of his congregation, Wayman AME Church, to every corner of our nation.

Stancil and fellow Missouri clergy made national news by leading a massive nonviolent protest and movement to shut down the streets of St. Louis and disrupt the economy in response to this miscarriage of justice. Stancil believes that his faith calls him into action: “I believe in praying with my feet.”

His message is simple: get involved. “Not everyone is called to be on the front line, but you have an ability to help. Get in where you can fit in.”

Stancil believes that when you follow the model of Jesus, you inherently follow the model of protesting against injustice. “When we’re silent, we are complicit to what’s going on,” he says. 

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