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Michelle Higgins: Politics & The Pulpit


The tragic and senseless deaths of unarmed black men and women by police in communities throughout the nation has given rise to a new generation of young advocates, committed to ensuring that overaggressive policing tactics are eliminated and that justice is served.

One such advocate is Michelle Higgins, who serves as the director of Faith for Justice, a coalition of Christian activists pursuing the biblical call to action in the public sphere.

“When you see evil you have a prophetic responsibility to call evil, evil. As ministers of the gospel, we have to tear that mess down,”  said Higgins, who also serves as Director of Worship and Outreach at South City Church in Missouri.

Faith for Justice was founded to create entry points for evangelicals to get involved in justice work. The organization provides a meeting place for local and national evangelical activists to connect and challenges them to manifest to the biblical principles of serving others and empowering the vulnerable. 

A St. Louis native, Higgins also works with the Black Lives Matter Movement, providing  leadership development, logistics, and administrative support in both sacred and secular spaces. The young leader has made defending oppressed communities from police brutality her top priority.

When it comes to racial inequality, “The church has been silent for too long,” Higgins said. “We have all of the techniques, all of the people that we need to eliminate both racial and class based injustice on this continent. We have all we need, except the will to do it.”

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