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Mackenzie Harris


Creative Content Manager

As a social and racial justice seeker, Mackenzie serves as the Creative Content Manager at Faith in Public Life where she implements creative strategy and content. She was previously at NETWORK Lobby where she worked primarily on marketing and was inspired by progressive multi-faith partners that lifted up voices of the most marginalized, which led her to FPL. Mackenzie believes that faithful storytelling can help shape the future and policies of our world. So, as a passionate communicator, she plans on dedicating her life to telling stories well.

Mackenzie received her B.A. in Digital Communications and Social Media with a minor in Social Justice from Cabrini University. As a PA native, Mackenzie knows all there is to know about mushrooms, where to find the best cheesesteaks and the best spot to go kayaking on the Brandywine river. When she’s not in the office you can find her walking dogs, performing at local open mic nights, doing pilates or tasting the local craft beers.

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